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What can a dermatologist do in a refugee camp?
Read the article to find out where The Vaseline® Healing Project began.

“He stood in line quietly, waiting with dozens of others at dusk, in the sand outside, for an opportunity to talk to the American doctors." 

"When he got his turn, he offered us the bottom of his feet and showed us their deep, painful cracks. His feet had literally been worn out from traveling hundreds of miles on hot sandy soil in rubber sandals."

"He told us that if he could fix his feet, he thought maybe he could find a job to support his children. He had been a civil engineer in Syria. Now, he is confined to a tent. Waiting. He asked us for Vaseline®.” 

From this insight that the same tub of Vaseline® that is in your bathroom cupboard, could make a difference by healing skin in critical conditions. 

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